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[ u p d a t e  | February 25 2014 | Ahhhhh i feel the need to change the drawing of full body on his app somehow... or the coloring orz ] 

F u l l   b o d y  :


>Name: Kazehana , Miizu 

>Nickname: Mii(-chan/kun/san/tan/etc.)

>Age: 15

>Gender: Male

>Birthday: July 13

>Height/Weight: 5'6 / 67 kilos

>Year: 1st year 

>Nationality: Japanese

>Roommate/Housemate: N/A

 Music & Cooking club


| Shy | Cheerful | Friendly | Innocent | Quiet | Optimistic | - Demonic - | Long Patience 

Quite the shy guy he is , Mii always hide behind his brother , rather afraid to meet new people and sometimes even doesn't want to be on crowds at all. But then , look on the good side , he is mostly seen with a gentle smile on his face , gentle words coming out of his mouth. He always wanted to have friends but he is scared of meeting bad strangers. Innocent in mind , quiet outside , but when talked to , can be actually talkative. And hey , he is one of those optimistic people out there who had always been thinking of positive things. He will do anything to achieve this one thing , since "no thing is ever impossible , unless you work hard and always up to reach for it!" 

If that's the bright side of his , look deeper till you reach the line of his temper. Once his patience is broken , he will really beat the crap out of that person , be it a girl whom he will spat bad words at despite his usually his calm nature , and sure are guys whom he could really kick in the gut and punch them right of their stomach. 

Because remember , 

"Don't underestimate a quiet person as a demon is hidden inside it." 

Just like the People say for example, look , a soft breeze of wind. You just didn't know , a forming tornado or typhoon is behind it. 


- Sweets 
His brother
- animals
- warmth 
- scarfs 
- soft things

x Bitter and very sour stuffs ( food )
x bullies
x being disturbed when doing something
very cold temperatures
x Being alone 


Miizu. A child born on the Kazehana family with a twin named 'Yuuta'. 
He was happy with the attention he get from their parents , but then soon realized , 'Why feel incomplete?' He had asked himself many times. Being always attended to , being given what he wants , and freedom. But that did not felt ...complete at all as he look by his side he saw his twin , looking at them. 

'Is there something wrong?' He mostly ask him when he had gone back by his side but he just shrugged it off with that usual bright smile on his face. Is that smile true? Every time he asks his mind. 

He had been always worried , and curious about his twin. Why is he not so much given attention by their parents? Why are most things not given to him but then he , himself can? It just seems a bit... unfair. Shouldn't be both of them treated fairly? As they were their child? As soon as he realized all that , one thing had stick on his mind.

Whatever happens , he will stay with him. No matter what. He will never make him feel lonely. He doesn't want to be separated with him. 

But that promise he did to himself was broken when both of their parents said that they are going to be on separate schools starting elementary. It made his heart broke. 

'No no no no no.....NO' His mind screamed. 

'Please!! Don't...' he can't do anything. And worse , he was going to be pick up by their uncle and auntie soon. 

He tried to plead and beg. It was useless. 

"It's for you and Yuu-kun's own good"

'No it doesn't.' 

The usual bright sparkles in his eyes slowly faded away as days of elementary started. The only sole reason was his twin without him. He never felt so sad and lonely ever since he was gone. He bet his twin felt that way too.He is his only strength , he just hope he is doing fine. But the problems soon grew when the bullies started to prey on him , getting his money and beating him up sometimes when he won't give any. 

'This is the worst , I tell you.' 

He is fed up. So fed up.This is where his half personality came. He didn't know how and why but , he just felt himself snap , as his body started to move on itself , punching and kicking those bullies up , beating them till he grew exhausted at the sudden pump of energy through him.

Those guys never came again , a small weigh lifted up from his shoulders. 

He just wanted to see his twin , that's all he wished for. He just wanted this whole elementary over. As soon as possible so he can see him soon. 

He made a few friends and they were the ones who had protected him when higher elementary's bullies had also preyed on him. He was glad to have them , one of the girls being the elementary levels president , also good on fighting with judo. 

Days , Weeks , months , and years had past and elementary was soon over. He graduated with his few friends and cried a little , them being separated to different schools and all but he was glad to have them by his side on the few years they were together. 

But the only thing that was stuck on his mind on all those years were still on Yuuta. 

How is he doing? Is he fine? Does he still remember me? Does he miss me? Will we ever be together again?

Those questions and many more had always been on his mind. He hope to be with him soon. 


Sooner than he thought , he just heard from his parents that Yuu is coming home, his eyes slowly returned to it's sparkling green shine. 

Soon enough , he heard the bell rang , the sound echoing around the mansion and he quickly ran own the stairs and opened the large door , to glomp the person with such familiar red hair. He missed him so much. 

Their parents coughed , wanting to get their attention to announce something. Something that made him so happy by just hearing it. 

They are going on the same highschool together!!!!! 

He was so happy. Now he can be with his side again , and be with him. He will never let go of this opportunity as he wanted to spend his lost time with him. 


"Everything is possible! 
---unless going to the sun. Nope."
---it burns"

>Relationships: N/A 

>Voice: Namikawa Daisuke ; [… ] 00:13 - 00: 19 

♠He always sleeps with a large shirt and very small shorts. 
♠He loves to play music. 
♠He has a flute to use in playing some songs
♠He wants to become a musician someday
♠He does not love his brother in just a brotherly way
♠His demonic side will only come out when he is really pissed off. 
♠ to be added 


[ n o n e  a t   t h e   m e a n    t i me ] 

>Name: Can be any language's name, but preferably Japanese or English

>Gender: Self explanatory

>Would be Self: What dream does this guardian character represent? 

>Personality: Please type this in either paragraph form or dot points with descriptions.

>Likes/Dislikes: Must be in dot point form; at least 5 for each.

>Quote: Your OC's guardian character's trademark quote (e.g. Drew, draw, drawn! /ref from Amulet Spade- Shugo Chara/)

>Voice: (optional. It is preferred if the sample is Japanese)

>Extra: State any interesting facts about your OC's guardian character here (i.e. habits)
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Shrio-nii Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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Miizu : //arches an eyebrow and tilts his head a bit confused// wh-wh-what do y-you mean??? 
takarayume Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Student General Artist
:iconallofusplz:Wat face?

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Shrio-nii Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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Miizu : ah- I need to change my motto soon , heehee-! And well , can you go to the sun? It would take hundreds of years and advancement of technology you know ~ 
takarayume Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014  Student General Artist
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Towa:...? Hm..? I never said it was possible..just that you lacked things on the list ot include on what was impossible..:icongo-on-plz:

//slaps towa away
geh I am gomen for my son--he tends to go on ramble about random stuff--:iconmingplz:
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Miizu : a-ah s-sorry , I just randomly th-think of quotes so uh....yeah....//sniffs

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Miizu : A-Ah no!! I'm not cold at all! //shyly smiled and giggles at the ruffle on his hair// 

//is flopped on and pats head// psst you'll get cold on that pool hahas- 
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Miizu began to hum with a smile plastered over his lips , happy that he got to pass in this school. He doesn't know much but he knows this will be a good school...right? "Hmm...Where should i go?" he asked himself , looking around the hallways , choosing where should he walk to and sighed , walking over a random hallway. Strangely , he haven't seen some people for today. 'Ah-!Maybe they are still arranging their rooms! Hope to meet my roommate soon , he he~' he continued to walk , not really having a destination but strolling around is fun too. 'I want to meet a new person too. It's been long since I met someone who is not from' 
akkochi Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014
Ahaha I get that sometimes too :iconhttgplz: //slapped
Once it took me like a month just to reply to a couple :iconminggagaplz: ))

Kanako wondered around in the halls not paying attention where she's really going/headed to. She started to skip around with her stuffed bunny who she named Usagi-kun. " Hm Ne Usagi-kun where should are adventure start? :iconmanlysmileplz: " She continued to skipp around aimlessly and noticed Miizu and froze already nervous " :iconummmjapanplz: . . . . ettooooo

// Here's your chance to make a new friend Kanako-chan :iconinternalconflictplz: You can at least say hi //

She stared at him intensely trying to figure out what to say and planning future questions if they talk longer than she expected. " :iconchitandapoutplz: hmmmmmmmmmmm
Shrio-nii Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
guess what I didn't replied for 4 months on an RP omg wahhahahahhaha //slapped hard

Miizu stopped dead on his tracks as he saw a person in front of him not just a few meters away , sweat dropping at the intense staring. "U-U-Uhm..m-may I-I he-help you?" He asked cautiously , having an awkward smile on his face. Is there something wrong on his face? Yes he know he don't care what he looks like after he slept in the afternoon but hey , seriously , is there something? 'Somehow he looks like my roomate , though i'm not really sure.... ' he mumbled to himself and backed away a little , still sweat dropping. 
akkochi Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014
AHAHA omf--- At least they had the patience ne? --- or maybe forgot o 7 o . . . )

" A-ah No not really. . . Er I mean uh-- never mind :iconkagepro21plz: " She made a dumbstruck face as he spoke to her. She paused for a moment trying to think of what to say next to form a conversation. " Etto . . . H-hi :iconkagepro62plz: " She weakly greeted and waved at him. It was more of an awkward hello than she expected it to be--- it played out better in her head. " So uh, I'm Onodera, Kanako 1st year. Who are you? " She asked hoping to feel less awkward/nervous further into the conversation. 
Shrio-nii Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
probably forgot ahahahahahaahahah--//slapped

Miizu tilted his head at her , blinking as he stared at her dumbstruck expression. Ahhhh...he's really awkward when it comes to meeting people sometimes and he just gets really nervous most of the time because come'on! Who would suddenly introduce them self and then hang their arm around you? Ain't that quite rude? Unless the person doesn't mind. Snapping out of his thoughts , he opened his mouth to talk and start his introduction , bowing down a little , his scarf lightly falling off his shoulder. "M-my name i-is Kazehana M-Miizu , 1st year and nice to meet you too! I got a twin named Yuuta and he's pretty much the opposite of me. Oh , I also heard that my roommate is your that right? I'm not that really sure but... ehehe hope to meet him soon then!" He said and scratched the back of his head lightly before he stood up back straight. 
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