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[ R i v o k a ]  - A o i by Shrio-nii [ R i v o k a ]  - A o i by Shrio-nii

[UPDATE] : This app is shit I will revamp when paanda signals the group is ready to open again and be active ok!! Btw pls don't read the infos anymore they are not very updated that much hahahah cries ew someone shoot my old self in this app

//lays down and tries to sleep but then need to fix infos // DEDEDED 


HERE I GO , some are still need to be updated so nn , yeah~ 

**** [ u p d a t e 2/26/14 ] : edited some relationships and the app 
****EDIT #2 : finally finished the written app. 


Name: Kazuka ,Aoi
Alias: Aoka , Aoi , Kazu
Age: 19
Gender: completely male hideyoshi 

•||Grounds keeper head :

Aoi is the head of the grounds keepers. He will surely check the places and surroundings of the area , make the people who stay be comfortable and feel clean and organized , order the ones who follow his division to do some chores of course , with him. But then don't dare someone oppose him or he will definitely kick them hard and make them learn their lesson be it a girl or a guy. What is living in a place when you get sick and always unorganized or unclean?

Be it cooking , dusting , cleaning , sweeping , hitting people with books , smacking people's heads , cleaning the kitchen and other things , he will do everything that he can do just for the comfortability of the people even if they are rude. 

Have a good stay. :iconhahaveryfunnyplz:


Being a person on his duty , he is a clean freak , silent and mostly stares around if ever one of his members is not doing what work is assigned to them. He cleans around ,cooks , loves planting some flowers or plants that are available , makes sure that the supplies of food are good , the surroundings are clean and will sermon the people who litter. Who would want a dirty place? He will kick you out if he had seen you littering. If he got permission that is.

Aoi can play good on fighting too but its just not his style. He uses a dagger though. 

Being around on people is also not his nature. Like , awe come on , who doesn't like socializing? Yeah , I hate it. Like that. 

That , is just his outer cover when it comes to his duty. 

As for his close persons , he is a kind , gentle and always smiling one. He tends to be in always a good mood when it comes to the people he love and he will do anything for them. And of course , he feels very happy with them. He is mostly affected when it comes to small sad things and don't forget , in just one word or sentence , be it a phrase or something , if it's bad , he may act like he is not affected but deep inside him , he feel shattered when it comes to that.

Remember , don't judge people that easily. You don't know how much someone had experienced in their past life. 


+Throwing bricks
+stuff toys ( :iconshadowedplz: don't question. )
+fluffy stuff 


- those monsters 
- Creepers 
- dirty places and stuff ( he will kill you )
- rude people
- annoying people
- lazy people
- people
- tba 


Caged. That was all he know. He doesn't know how and why but all he remembers in his childhood is that he is like a caged bird on a house. Can't go out , can't socialize. What is with his fate? How come , his sibling got to be free and go outside? He doesn't know. But then they had always been with each other since his twin is the only person who treats him like the real him. 

He was homeschooled and always do minimal chores around the house he is not aloud to go out to that had soon became his habit. How ironic? No? He had met his parents sometimes like once a month? His personal companion , or more likely the people working in their house are mostly the ones that brings him news. His parents are very much busy around many business. He rarely had gone out of their house. Aoi doesn't know why but he get check-ups when his parents said so and of course his twin is always with him. 

He grown up without ever feeling to be free and to feel the bright sunlight of the sun ever. He never got the chance. 

As on his 11th th birthday , he was shocked. Literally shocked but why not? His parents gave him a gift like , actually? Its a phone but he is happy that he was given something memorable and usable that is from his family.

[ r e c o v e r i n g d a t a . . . ]

- s o m e t i m e - - 1 2 y e a r s o l d -

Sometime , after a year he was given the R I V O K A phone , he was finally aloud to go outside and explore. But , he needs always to have a companion like his parents. They all four , his mother , father , him and his twin had somehow rode on their black car and his father drove their way through the straight road. He was amazed about nature. He wants to know everything about them. Its so wonderfu___]}{=£÷ [ u n k o w n E R R O R ]

[ r e c o v e r i n g l o s t. I n i t i a l. D a t a ]

All was fast paced. The trees hang fast and the Sky flipped around , a crash was heard , metal crumpled and he just felt a pang of pain in his back , a drip of liquid that is coming from his head , he opened his eyes to see the bloodied faces of his family and- 

{ internal error } { E R R O R }
. . . 
{ I n i t i a t i n g f i l e s . . . }

He just woke up. Opening his eyes , he looked at the ceiling to see a man and a lady. 

"" He asked , a cracked voice resounding.

"What's your name , boy?" He heard a gentle sweet voice of a woman. 

"I....I am.....I...don't really know......" he can't seem to remember... all was a blur. Everytime he tried to recall anything , his head aches.... he got a bandage in his right eye and the two person that is in front of him was surprised he don't know who he was. 

Soon , he was explained on what happened. A car crash. The bodies are unandentified and he was said the only survivor. How come?... he felt something strange... like something is missing? He shrugged worriedly and looked around. As he turned around , he saw a table with a light blue , phone with a name of ' - R i v o k a - ' 

"Boy , that is yours..." his? He quickly grabbed it out of instinct and opened it. 

' I.d. : Kazuka , Aoi 
Password : ******** '

"A......oi..." is that his name? Better be it because they said this phone is his....
- - 
[ N E W F I L E R E C I E V E D ]

Not knowing where to go , he was adopted by the young couple who had already grew fond of him and had fun with him. He had started to study again but its advanced. Its a miracle on how he can know the things... past memories maybe? He grew to be antisocial to people and his retrieved phone isn't really that helping. His name is the only thing that he can find there and his birth date. 

- -
As he was walking on a pathway around the city , he bumped into a person named Shiro. He doesn't know why but he felt easy with this guy and. . . For a newly met , he felt comfortable with him. It was night then and he is still with him but then he knows the ones who adopted him are not yet in the house. As he was invited , he accepted the invitation to just stay on a hotel that is nearby and followed his way out with Shiro to book , even just for a day. They got to know each other and soon the other took action an-- [ Data File Cut. Unknown e r r o r ] 

[ continuing . . . ]

A few days after the events , he was just walking around a park until he heard an explotion. Before he can even just defend himself even though there's no way he can't get hit , Aoi was hit with the explosion and Everything turned black.

He just woke up only to find everything strange. All around him is total darkness and the only thing that he saw is his phone batting lights. Crawling up to it and picking it up , he saw a rather.... weird message.

'Do you want to live?

[ yes ]
[ no ] '

Is this a sick joke or something? Maybe if he clicked yes , it would all turned back to normal... he unsurely touched the yes button and everything now turned into white. Things soon got clearer and he saw some gory animal-fused creatures that is walking near him. Out of instinct , he ran away quickly and trudged through the destroyed buildings and thin path walks trying to run away.

[ u n k n o w n v i r u s d e t e c t e d ]

As he was on his way , he stopped and looked back. No monsters or anything now. Aoi exhaustedly flopped down the floor only to hear a voice 

'Hello? Aoi-san is it~? Hellooooooo??'

A rather...girlish voice... wait , where did that came from?... he flipped himself up to see his phone in his pocket blinking lights. Opening it up , he saw a silverish haired girl on the screen.

'Hi~ hi ~ my name is Asha~ and I'm here to guide you on your the safe place!! Oh and don't worry~~ trust me I swear , there are other people there just follow my directions---THERE LOOK!! MONSTERS , RUNNNNNNN , JUST GO TO THAT PATH QUICKLY-!"

Annoyed of the sudden yelling. He alarmingly ran and followed the girl's directions , leading him to a large, A very large building. He entered inside only to be greeted with two people that are chasing each other , a sleepy head on the ground , people who are leaning to a wall , and with familiarity , Shiro who is also on a part of the entrance. There was a large screen on the other side of the wall and Asha popped out that made everyone stop and looked at her. 

'Welcome to the safe'

She welcomed them all and explained...quite really small things in which that they are the ones to operate the whole building. Soon after that , he was glad to be the groundskeeper head and surely , there were more people to come to be guided here. 

He still take some precautions on some things as maybe some strange events may happen. Aoi will just be there doing his duty as he leave the protection of the building on the other leader's hands. 


- The reason why he was locked up in their house when he was a child because he got a weak body , and surely , his parents wouldn't want him to be hurt by other children so they just kept him on the house. To be safe. 
;; But as he grew older , his body soon grew stronger and that's why he was aloud now but then he needs company as always. That is when the accident happened. 
- he loves to hit people with bricks and books
- he can't remember anything from his past back on the car accident but then some things may be a blur to him.
- his right eye is covered with a rather weird cover. It was damaged and scarred due to the said car accident. And mind you , ever since he was born , the pupils are completely white instead of the creamy orange-amber color of his other eye.
- he got a brown teddy bear with the name of 'Glazen' 
- Hopefully , he got to regain his memories through eye contact with [ U n k n o w n ] and surely , they both wouldn't want anyone to find out that they are related so for now , they keep it as a secret. 
- TBA 


|| Hajime ; he doesn't pretty much talked to this guy but all he knows is he is a clumsy good'ol leader of all leaders
|| Parkour ; not really that much on the first meeting but he got the impression of he tends to sleep like anywhere he can. Even on the floor.while sitting up.
|| Keizo ; the prankster and a 'hey-dude-how-ya-doin-want-to-do-some-stuff?' Heck he is sorta weirded out from him but he seems fine at the same time.
|| Unknown ; masked guy-kun. Haven't talked much but he got a familiar feeling... like he had met him sometime ago? He really can't remember much.  his goddamned twin. owo //glompshisface//
"True enough , yes he is my long lost twin. I have been with him for awhile now since i haven't got much work to do and i'm damn bored so , i rather play with him. oh well~ "
||Oliver ; "My step little brother~ I never thought he would choose to live but , i'm quite happy he is here. I'll protect him from whoever tries to touch or flirt with him so... one try , you're dead. " 
|| Shiro ; His um ................................................................... BOYFRIEND :iconleeblushplz:
 " err uhm... what this baka chiky just said is true but , i haven't seen him for awhile now... I'm quite unamused as of the current and my mind is jumbled of all this stuff. I ain't givin' a shit anymore so...leave me alone. whoever the hell is reading this. " 

|| "Other leaders , mind talking to me? " 


|| Kayo Honda - "A girl that i met somewhere in a hallway. Did not talked much to her since she needs to go." 
|| Ueda , Juri - "i don't actually talked to her that much. All i know is that he was one of the people Un-kun had pointed his rifle into." 
|| Masabuchi Thomas - "this guy sure got into my nerves. I would gladly punch him in the face because of his 'oh-so-fucking-cheerful' personality and that freaking smile that just irritates me."
|| Kurokuma Rin - "oh for pete's sake. when the hell would he button that goddamned shirt up? oh , and dare talk back and threaten me while glaring that he'll tell me to the leader's even if i'm a leader myself? He is on my blacklist surely. "
|| "more to be added."

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